Friday, 15 March 2013

FAIRTRADE - Laljibhai Narranbhai, Cotton Farmer, India

"I did not get any education but I want my children to. Because of the Fairtrade price, I can send them to school.”

For Laljibhai, this is the most important improvement in his life since he started selling his cotton as Fairtrade. As a cotton farmer he has to become a member of a farmer’s group in order to be able to get the Fairtrade price for his crop. This means he can share skills and equipment and farming tips with other members, and together they can work to get a better price for their cotton and new buyers.
The extra money from the Fairtrade Premium has been a real boost for their community in lots of ways, including funding solar street lamps, school books and uniforms for poorer families, and ways to save rainwater for farming. Over Fairtrade Fortnight we’ll be hosting some visiting producers as they tour the UK with their stories of the difference the stable Fairtrade price and premium has made in their communities.


  1. This is a good idea because it encourages farmers to do more if they are paid a fair amount of money. (Lewis, P6)

  2. It gets farmers the money they deserve for all their work. (Andrew, P6)