Monday, 24 June 2013

Spring and Summer in Mid Calder

These are photographs of what Mid Calder should have looked like when our visitors from Thane were here. Spring came very late this year.  The week your monsoon started, we were beginning to see some colour her and the sun made an appearance. The bluebells in Calderwood Country Park look beautiful

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rangoli Pattern

P2 went out with our Indian visitors to collect some flowers and leaves from the school grounds and the area nearby.  Then the pupils from Singhania School showed the class how they designed and made a rangoli pattern.  The room smelled beautiful by the end of the afternoon!

Warli Painting

P6 at Mid Calder learned about Warli painting and tried to paint some figures, animals and plants in the Warli style.  We learned that Warli painting comes from a tribe in Maharashtra.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Singhania meets MCPS

First day at school -

P6 welcome our visitors

Madam Principal and Mrs Hendry

MCPS welcomes Singhania's Principal and Two Teachers
Singhania pupils and their hosts

Singhania/Mid Calder

What a fantastic day we have had with our visitors from India.  The children all arrived at school with their host families.  Miss Cotter went to collect the teachers and managed to get them to school  with the car roof open in between the sleet showers.  In the evening, the teachers were treated to a Burns Supper at Miss Cotter's house.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Visit to Scotland

We have been looking forward to meeting our visitors and they are finally here! Everyone arrived safely last night.  Ten pupils are hosted with families and the three teachers are staying with Mrs Wood.  We had a great day out in Edinburgh today despite the wind, rain and cold.  We are all excited about meeting everyone in school tomorrow.

Friday, 19 April 2013


Mark from Livingston Cricket Club has been visiting the school to teach children from P6, P7/6 and P7 how to play cricket.  Even through the weather hasn’t been very warm, everyone has enjoyed learning how to play a game that most of us hadn’t tried before.  So far we’ve learned to throw and catch properly.
We’re looking forward to showing our Indian visitors our cricket skills when they visit in May.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Scotland's History - The Celts

P3 have been learning all about the Iron Age Celts who lived in Scotland over 2000 years ago when Scotland was called Caledonia and covered in forests and bogs.  The Romans invaded but the Celts were a wee bit scary for them!  We finished our topic by having a Celtic Feast out in our woodland area.  We painted our faces with woad to make ourselves look scary and dressed up in tartan rugs to keep ourselves warm. Miss Cotter lit a fire and we sang some of our songs about the Celts and told stories.  Then we had our feast of oatcakes and cheese, juice and slices of apple.  We had a great time.

Happy Easter

A very happy and peaceful Easter to all our friends at Singhania School. We are now on holiday for two weeks.  We ended our term with a celebration in the Kirk of Calder where we dramatized the Easter Story with some rousing songs.

Friday, 15 March 2013

FAIRTRADE - Laljibhai Narranbhai, Cotton Farmer, India

"I did not get any education but I want my children to. Because of the Fairtrade price, I can send them to school.”

For Laljibhai, this is the most important improvement in his life since he started selling his cotton as Fairtrade. As a cotton farmer he has to become a member of a farmer’s group in order to be able to get the Fairtrade price for his crop. This means he can share skills and equipment and farming tips with other members, and together they can work to get a better price for their cotton and new buyers.
The extra money from the Fairtrade Premium has been a real boost for their community in lots of ways, including funding solar street lamps, school books and uniforms for poorer families, and ways to save rainwater for farming. Over Fairtrade Fortnight we’ll be hosting some visiting producers as they tour the UK with their stories of the difference the stable Fairtrade price and premium has made in their communities.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finding Out About India

Mr Dove has been visiting all the classes in Mid Calder to tell them about his trip to India and Singhania School.  He showed pictures of the school and all the different classrooms.  The children were amazed at how big the school was!
P1 wanted to find out all about the animals and food from India.  P3 wanted to know about the Indian flag and famous Indians.  P2 asked lots and lots of questions about languages, traffic, clothes and everything else!