Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mid Calder Visits Thane!

Last week Miss Cotter and Mr Dove travelled to India to visit our partner school, Singhania School in Thane.  We spent a week in the school visiting classes and teaching the children all about Scotland.  The children also taught us a lot about India and the different customs, religions, foods and lifestyle they have there.
Teachers and pupils from Singhania School will be coming over here in May and are looking forward to seeing our school and some of the sights around Edinburgh and West Lothian.
The school welcomed us very warmly.
We visited a lot of temples.
We saw some amazing animals and plants.
We showed them Scottish dress.
The streets were very busy.


  1. Thanks for adding the photos of trip to Mumbai. They look amazing!

    1. Everyone was asking for you Mrs Gordon. It was lovely to meet up with all our lovely friends again. The hospitality was tremendous and we look forward to seeing some of these people here in May and showing them Scottish hospitality.